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Healthy Eating is Priority not Duty - Switch to Healthy Lifestyle !!!

By Ritu Arora  on: 15 April 2017
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Hi Friends !!

I know you are not nutritionist being a women , sister, girl our society has mind set that women are the "Queens" of kitchen but thanks to our advance growing culture both the genders are now equally showing concern on how to keep our selves healthy and enjoying healthy lifestyle . Hence its very important for us to be aware on how to live healthy lifestyle and yes... who will acknowledge this . Here , "Google " job gets start and thanks to it through which one can spread the awareness and knowledge to every that person who wants his/her family to live healthy and disease free . 

keeping in mind , I am Ritu Arora the dietician taking pledge to teach you some tips and tricks so that every person who is the incharge of the kitchen should know Do's And Don'ts"" of kitchen ...!!!

(for you better assistance these tips are taken from the Nutrition book )


  • Always buy the fruits and vegetables which are seasonal .If the nature not accepting it can your body digest it . Think about it ....!!! 
  • More the colourful your vegetables  more the nutrition it has ..!!
  • Choose the fruits that are firm to touch .choose juicy and succelent ones and which are heavy in thier size.
  • Roots and tubers that are firm to touch .


  • Dont buy overripe and blemished/darkened fruits ,vegetables and  ofcourse those are infected by insects 
  • vegetables with yellow leaves ,mushy texture ,unpleasant odour .
  • Fruits that are pulpy and rotten 
  • Roots and tubers that are pulpy ,sprouted and green.


  • Eggs sheel that are clean and intact.    


  • Dont buy the eggs with rotten smell, cracked shell.
  • Eggs that float in water .
  • Eggs with blood spot.



  • Fish with gills that are intact and pink in colour.
  • Fish that has clear eyes and flesh bounces bank on pressing it with finger. 


  • Fish with sunken eyes ,dull skin, rotten smell
  • very few scales left ,flabby skin that seperates from the bone





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